FOLD-A-BULL trailer

BIG and STRONG Folding Trailer into Compact for storage

We are the only company that makes a trailer which automtically
folds into 
a compact, easily stored conversion.  See our patent here:


We sell directly to the public and welcome investors
to participate in this new frontier of automatic,
convenient and practical trailer application.

  • Folding mechanisms are controlled by a radio transmitter.
  • When folded, four swiveling wheels support Fold-A-Bull. This full rotation allows repositioning into a small storage area: 5′ x 7′.
  • To load or travel it is unfolded, with Fold-A-Bull placed on it’s
    main wheels.
  • A tilt function allows loading or driving vehicles or cargo into the
    Fold-A-Bull bed, over the rear ramp – while connected to the tow vehicle.
  • Loadbed size is 5 feet by 9 feet.  Load may be up to 2,900 Lbs.
  • All power for controlling, folding and tilting is on-board and
    self contained. The recharger is on-board.
  • Fold-A-Bull may be customized with your choice of color,
    aluminum wheels, motorcycle tie-downs, special
    permanent storage for “Tailgate party equipment” when folded.